Follow Bortie in the Tour de Turtles


Monday, August 6 - Thursday, November 1


7:00am - 11:00pm


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The Tour de Turtles 2018 by Sea Turtle Conservancy is underway! Follow Bortie's journey on

Bortie is an adult female loggerhead sponsored by Bortell’s Lounge and Waterline Marina Resort & Beach Club, in support of Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch. Bortie nested on Coquina Beach on June 19th, where she was tagged by the Sea Turtle Conservancy with a satellite tracker. The tracker’s transmitter signals when she has come up for air, allowing researchers to follow her migration map.  You can check out her migration map here. Bortie swims to raise awareness about the threat of light pollution to sea turtles.


Show your support with the hastag #BetOnBortie.


Help Bortie in “People’s Choice” by tweeting your support! Copy and paste to post on Twitter: “Check out Bortie the sea turtle, she is swimming in the Tour de Turtles! @conserveturtles #tourdeturtles”


Full details about the Tour de Turtles can be found here. Winners will be announced on November 1st!


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