Talents Uncovered - Margie Amberge

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Talents Uncovered – Margie Amberge

When Waterline’s Recreation Host, Margie Amberge, isn’t coordinating fishing charters and assisting guests, she is taking award winning photos of Anna Maria Island. Margie has made a name for herself as a local photographer, capturing the landscapes and wildlife that have made the island a sought after destination for environmentalists and naturalists the world over.

Margie bought her very first camera at the ripe age of eight, by saving all of her Bazooka Bubble Gum wrappers. It was the beginning of a lifetime love affair. Two art and design degrees, 25 years in the corporate world and countless flipped homes later, Margie still prefers to see life through a lens. Her passion for photography and yearning to explore has led her to shoot across the globe including exciting locations like South Korea, Sri Lanka and the Swiss Alps.

Her work has been displayed in galleries across the country and featured for a Channel 4 Special, “Serving up the Arts.”  She is a member of Fine Art America, recipient of several awards including “Excellence in Photography 2016” and has been featured in G.I.D.A.-The Galleria of Interior Design Art.

Check out some of Margie’s spectacular work for sale here!

On your next trip to Anna Maria Island, why not pop in the Dockmaster’s Office at Waterline Marina Resort and meet Margie?  She’s delightful and brimming with “insider” tips on where to go, what to do and how you can snag that perfect photo!